Reducing Products Liability: Product Tampering

LiabilityFood processors face unique products liability exposures. This is particularly true because your manufactured product may be a component in another product mixture. Contamination of the final product can draw your ingredient product into litigation.

In addition, today’s food processors often function in part or entirely as contractors, which typically requires processing a customer’s product(s) in accordance with their specifications. Without involvement in the laboratory and testing phases, it is often difficult to fully assess inadequacies or potential product misuses.

You can help control and manage the insurance risks associated with product safety by implementing these tips:

Product Tampering

• Evaluate your entire production process to identify potential points at which incoming ingredients, mixing areas, processing, packaging or final products could be tampered with or tainted. Develop specific strategies to protect against these occurrences.

• Install a monitoring system as an effective deterrent to intentional contamination

• Assess the current packaging of your product(s) for tampering vulnerabilities

• Include information on packaging that directs customers to assess product quality before using

• Establish a toll-free comment line for customers

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