Emergency Preparedness and Response: Evacuations, Medical Assistance and Security

Evacuations, Medical Assistance, SecurityEmergency situations can impact the operations of your metalworking facility at any time. Typical emergencies include:

• Medical or first-aid

• Power outages

• Toxic or chemical spills

• Fire

• Terrorism or bomb threat

• Hurricane

• Earthquake

• Tornado

• Flood

• Workplace violence

While a few of these scenarios only apply to select areas of the country, most can occur in any metalworking facility and should be addressed in an emergency response plan. ou can help control and manage the insurance risks associated with your response to emergencies by implementing these tips:


• Establish and post emergency evacuation routes, gathering points outside the building and shelter areas inside the building. Practice periodic evacuation drills and make improvements when needed.

• Install lighting and auxiliary power to ensure clear passage of employees in the event of power outage or smoke

• Install “EXIT” signs where appropriate above doorways and hallway corners

• Disable inside door locks along evacuation routes or install panic hardware to allow emergency evacuations

Medical Assistance

Prepare for injuries by providing medical assistance training to staff.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Provide PPE to employees for use on the job and in emergencies.


Secure the grounds and buildings to prevent unauthorized access and accidents during recovery.

Business Continuity

Develop a plan to return operations to normal status after an emergency.

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