Managing Safety and Health Exposures: Office and Administration

Office and AdministrationFew business expenses have skyrocketed like the cost of healthcare. That’s why it’s important to manage the safety and health of your employees.

By being diligent in preventing employee and customer injuries, as well as property damage, you will help minimize accidents and help to reduce your insurance costs. You can help control and manage the insurance risks associated with employee safety and health by implementing these tips:

Office and Administration

• Design employees’ workstations to meet basic ergonomic guidelines

• Repair torn, worn or loose flooring to eliminate slip, trip and fall injuries

Injury and Illness Case Management

• Create a concise return-to-work policy statement

• Establish injury and illness reporting and investigation procedures

• Identify physicians to whom you feel comfortable referring your employees (in jurisdictions where applicable)

• Require physicians to document employees’ physical restrictions on a company form

• Contact injured employees weekly if they’re out of work for extended periods of time

• Discuss the future disposition of an employee’s injury weekly with the physician

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