Recruiting, Training and Retaining Distribution and Retail Employees: Recruiting

RecruitingFinding quality employees is becoming increasingly difficult for distributors and retailers due to the shrinking pool of qualified applicants.

An aging workforce and the trend toward service and technology skills instead of product-handling skills are resulting in:

• Lengthy and costly recruiting efforts to find quality employees

• Rising costs of extensive on-the-job training for less-qualified candidates

• Increasing turnover as the demand for qualified employees outpaces their availability

• Wage escalation as distributors and retailers struggle to attract and retain quality employees

• Higher insurance premiums as less-qualified employees experience more frequent and severe injuries

• The increased use of temporary staff

You can help control and manage the insurance risks associated with recruiting, training and retaining by implementing these tips:


• Require that every applicant complete and sign an employment application

• Screen prospective employees with drug and alcohol tests before making offers of employment (some restrictions may apply)

• Review your company’s employment application every two years with legal counsel. Update the application to minimize your potential risk to allegations of unlawful discrimination.

• Interview all qualified applicants based on educational and technical background

• Conduct reference checks and verification of prior employment in a fair and even manner for all qualified candidates

• Complete criminal background checks on all candidates who may be responsible for handling finances, high-value equipment and stock

• Develop and administer skills tests to job candidates

• Find candidates dedicated to your industry through employee referrals or trade-related outlets, including technical colleges and trade associations

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