Recruiting, Training and Retaining Metalworking Employees: Retention

RetentionMetalworking employers are challenged with the task of finding quality employees. This task is made more difficult due to the shrinking pool of qualified applicants. An aging workforce and the trend toward service and technology skills versus metalworking-related skills are resulting in:

• Lengthy and costly recruiting efforts to find quality employees

• Rising costs of extensive on-the-job training needed for less-qualified candidates

• Increasing turnover as the demand for qualified employees outpaces their availability

• Wage escalation as companies struggle to attract and retain quality employees

• Higher insurance premiums as less qualified employees experience more frequent and severe injuries

These tips can help maintain a quality workforce and manage insurance risks associated with employees:


• Develop an apprenticeship process by which new employees are matched with an experienced mentor to guide their training and development

• Define a continuing education process that allows employees the opportunity for external training on new metalworking technology, equipment and procedures

• Find candidates dedicated to the metalworking industry through trade-related outlets, including technical colleges and trade associations

• Consider forging long-term relationships with your best employees by offering them a percentage of ownership in the business

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