The difference $1 can make

Sentry Insurance raises money for United WayWhat can a dollar buy these days? One dollar donated in your name may seem trivial, but to United Way, a dollar can make a signigicant difference.

Through United Way, $3 can provide food for the needy through the Meals on Wheels program, $8 can fund one call to the Suicide Prevention Crisis Line, and $12 can give a young girl a one-year membership to the Girl Scouts. If it weren’t for programs like these, many needy families would go without.

In Wisconsin, the child poverty rate jumped from 16.7 percent in 2009 to 19.1 percent in 2010. The national poverty rate spiked to 15.1 percent in 2010, the highest level since 1993. About 4.2 million Americans lived in poverty last year, marking the fourth consecutive annual increase in poverty*.

As the nation’s largest charity, United Way focuses on education, income and health – what they call the building blocks for a good quality of life. United Way also funds essential programs including Big Brothers Big Sisters, the American Red Cross, Portage County Child Passenger Safety, Salvation Army and the Stevens Point Area YMCA.

Help starts with just a $1 donation. Just ‘Like’ Sentry’s Facebook page, and $1 will be donated to United Way of Portage County, Wis. Sentry will donate up to $10,000 by November 30, 2011.

If you’ve never given to United Way, please do. If you’ve given before, give more. And if you want to see how this great organization really works, get involved first-hand.

* Source:U.S.Census Bureau (Sept. 2011)

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