What Should Do If You’ve Been Involved in an Auto Accident

AccidentAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than six million motor vehicle traffic accidents were reported in the U.S. last year. While no one wants to experience an accident, it’s good to know what to do in case you’re ever in one. The way you respond could keep others from being injured, save you money and help expedite cleanup and repairs.

Whether you’re involved in a fender bender or a larger mishap, remain calm and keep these tips in mind:

• Stop your car and do not leave the scene of the accident.

• Move the vehicles off the road, if possible, so they don’t cause any other accidents.

• Call the police, even after a minor accident. Use your cell phone or ask someone else to call 911.

• Exchange information with the other driver. Be sure to obtain and write down:

• Name

• Address

• Phone number

• Insurance company and contact information

• Names and addresses of all passengers

• The license plate number, year, make and model of the car(s) involved

• Also get the names and phone numbers of anyone who may have witnessed the accident.

• Assess the damage and any injuries at the scene and write down as much detail as you can.

• Note such things as the weather, road conditions, time of the accident and the approximate
speed of all vehicles involved.

• Don’t argue with the other driver and avoid giving or taking blame for the accident.

• See a doctor. Some injuries may not be easily identified or may not show up right away.

Depending on where you live, you may need to report the accident to your state’s department of motor vehicles as soon as possible.

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