Manual Material Handling: Manual Lifting

Sentry Insurance Manual Material HandlingMaterial-handling demands in today’s printing facilities are very diverse, but typically include a combination of lifting, handling and moving raw paper stock, in-process print jobs and finished pieces.

Sentry has identified the following manual material-handling risk factors:

• Frequency
• Weight
• Distance
• Position
• Posture
• Prolonged or static holding
• Personal factors

By being diligent in preventing employee and customer injuries, as well as property damage, you will help minimize accidents and help to reduce your insurance costs. Follow these tips to help reduce risk of injury associated with manual material handling:

Manual Lifting and Material Handling

Train employees to follow these recommended lifting procedures:

• Assess personal lifting capability
• Avoid lifting from the floor
• Do not twist or rotate at the waist while lifting
• Maintain good posture
• Wear shoes that provide effective traction
• Be sure the floor is clean and dry
• Stabilize rolling ladders, lift trucks and order picker units when accessing materials located in elevated racks or shelving

Carrying or Moving Objects Horizontally

• Use mechanical aids instead of manually moving objects from one point to another
• Organize workstation layouts to minimize distances materials are to be moved
• Design stations for pushing rather than pulling when moving objects across a surface

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