Mechanical Material Handling: Energy and Fuel Practices

Sentry Insurance Mechanical Material HandlingMechanical material-handling demands in today’s printing facilities are very diverse, but typically include lifting and handling raw paperstock, in-process print jobs and finished pieces.

To prevent repetitive motion or strain-related injuries, the use of mechanical equipment is preferred over manual handling.

By being diligent in preventing employee and customer injuries, as well as property damage, you will help minimize accidents and help to reduce your insurance costs.

Energy and Fuel Practices

• Complete and file an air-sampling survey for Carbon Monoxide if forklifts are diesel, gasoline or LP-powered
• Ensure that fuel dispensing stations or LP tank racks are properly secured and protected
• Install grounding to dissipate the buildup of static electrical charges as potential ignition sources near gasoline, diesel or LP dispensing stations
• Prominently post and enforce a no smoking policy
• Always trickle charge batteries when possible, to minimize buildup of hydrogen gas
• Adequately ventilate to prevent buildup of hydrogen gas
• Provide adequate eyewash facilities and Personal Protective Equipment when mixing and dispensing acids or other fluids

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