Safety Advisor: Accidents Do Happen – Driver Conduct At Accident Scene

At some time in the future, you may be involved in a vehicle accident. These situations can be stressful and confusing. It’s important that you understand what to do at an accident scene before the event happens.

Remember to be polite and courteous at the scene of an accident. Admit nothing, promise nothing and don’t argue. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police and representatives from your own company. Any statements you make may later be used against you; so don’t offer any theories, reasons or excuses as to why the accident happened. Follow these guidelines:

  • Stop – Failure to stop at the scene of an accident in which you are involved is a criminal offense.
  • Protect the scene – Turn on your 4-way flasher. Set out emergency reflectors to warn approaching traffic.*
  • Assist the injured – Only if trained to do so, provide first aid where needed. Do not move the injured unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent further injury. To reduce shock, keep them warm and quiet. Wait for competent emergency personnel to handle removal and treatment of injured persons.
  • Notify the police – Let them know of any apparent injuries or fire hazards at the scene.
  • Notify your company – Let your company or dispatch know of the accident and any probable delays in delivery.
  • Get and record all the facts – you should have an accident report kit in your vehicle to record accident details. Get the name, address and phone number of witnesses. Get needed information from anyone else involved in the accident including insurance information, passenger names and addresses. This information is appropriate even if the accident appears to be minor or without damage.
  • Take photos – If you have a camera or cell phone and it’s safe to do so, take photos of the damage to other vehicles or property from several angles. Get shots of the roadway or signs that may have contributed to the accident. If witnesses don’t want to get involved, take pictures of their license plates so they can be identified and contacted.
  • Protect any cargo and equipment – Avoid leaving your cargo and equipment unattended except in extreme emergencies.

We’re committed to working with you to protect your business by eliminating loss-producing situations and controlling accidents. For additional assistance, contact our Safety Services Department at 1‑800‑443‑9655.

*One approximately 10 feet from the vehicle in the direction of approaching traffic. One approximately 100 feet from the vehicle in the center of the traffic lane or shoulder occupied by the truck in the direction of approaching traffic. One approximately 100 feet from the vehicle in the center of the traffic lane or shoulder occupied by the truck in the direction away from approaching traffic. See Department of Transportation Regulation 392.22 for further details.

Sentry Insurance is committed to helping you protect your business by providing resources to manage loss-producing situations and prevent accidents. For additional information visit, or call 1-877-832-1835. 

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