Hours-of-Service Rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) established hours-ofservice rules to help increase driver alertness and reduce fatigue-related incidents. Most of the current hours-of-service rules for property-carrying commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers have been in effect for years, with significant changes made in 2003, 2005 and 2011. The rules specify that drivers may not drive:

• More than 11 hours, following 10 hours off-duty

• Beyond the 14th hour after coming on-duty, following 10 hours off-duty

• After 60 hours on-duty over seven consecutive days

• After 70 hours on-duty over eight consecutive days

A driver may restart a consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty. Effective July 1, 2013*, the 34-hour restart will include the following restrictions:

• Must include two periods between 1 a.m. – 5. a.m.

• May only be used once per week

 Effective February 27, 2012, mandatory rest breaks are required. A driver may drive only if eight hours or less have passed since the end of the driver’s last off-duty period of at least 30 minutes.

 What This Means

• Drivers may drive up to 11 hours, but are limited to 14 hours in a duty period

• The 14-hour duty period may not be extended with off-duty time for meal

or fuel stops

• Only the use of a sleeper berth for a consecutive period of 8-10 hours can

extend the 14-hour on-duty period

• Each duty period must begin with at least 10 hours off-duty

• Drivers are limited to 60 hours on duty in seven consecutive days, or 70 hours on duty in eight consecutive days. Drivers can restart the 7-or 8-day period by taking at least 34 consecutive hours off duty.

Effective July 1, 2013*, a driver must have two periods from 1 a.m. – 5 a.m. and at least 34 hours off duty to have a restart for their 70-hour 8-day totals.

 16-Hour Exception for Property-Carrying Drivers

Drivers may extend the 14-hour on-duty period by two hours if they:

• Are released from duty at the normal work reporting location for the previous five duty tours; and

• Return to the normal work reporting location and are released from work within 16 hours; and

• Have not used this exception within the last six days, except following a 34-hour restart of a 7-or

8-day period

Sleeper Berth Exception
CMV drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least eight consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus two consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty or any combination of the two. Effective February 27, 2012, on-duty time does not include any time resting in a parked CMV. In a moving property-carrying CMV, it does not include up to two hours in passenger seat immediately before or after eight consecutive hours in sleeper-berth.


Agricultural Exemption

Agricultural operations are exempt from driving time requirements for transportation occurring within a state and within a 100 air-mile radius of a farm or distribution point during planting or harvesting season. Planting and harvesting seasons, as well as maximum driving hours, are determined by each state.

 Oilfield Exemption

Any ”waiting time” for certain drivers at oilfields must be shown on logbook or electronic equivalent as off duty and identified by annotations in ”remarks” or a separate line added to the grid. The content of this material has been taken in large part from information published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. For more information,go to www.fmcsa.dot.gov.

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