Chef Wayne Discusses Recipes

For me, recipes have never been the total point, but more of a guide and starting point in the cooking process. I learned to cook in order to get away from recipes. A recipe page is not very inspiring, but kick starts the creative process with its immediacy and keeping the integrity of the food center stage, this is what inspires me about cooking.

I don’t sit down and create food combinations; in fact most food combinations “create” themselves. Seasons dictate availability and abundance, what is at its peak and freshness, which starts me thinking about flavors, textures and combinations that will come into balance. Then, by applying the techniques I have learned over the years, a possible recipe is born.

Cooking can truly be considered a craft. It begins with techniques, do I braise, do I blanch, do I roast? These basics are the building blocks I use in interpreting or creating a recipe. The use of good techniques, to me, instills a passion for food which can lead to great combinations and, ultimately, great food.

-Chef Wayne Anderson

One Response to Chef Wayne Discusses Recipes

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Well said Chef.
    So many people believe that they must follow recipes exactly to get the perfect result. I have always looked on them as rough guides. My mum (an excellent cook and baker), from whom I learned a lot, never uses any measurements and always turns out perfect food, even breads.

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