10 Must-Have Ingredients

shopping listIf you could only pick 10 items to have in your kitchen, what would they be? Read @1800 Culinary Team Member David Hayes’ list and see if you agree. 

With these ingredients you can pretty much live for months.  Add a protein here and there, some fruits, some seasonings, and you can have complete meals for days and not repeat anything.  Plus, it will taste amazing because it’s all from scratch.

1. Flour

2. Sugar

3. Butter (REAL BUTTER, not margarine)

4. Baking Mix (Jiffy or Bisquick, for example)

5. Eggs

6. Powdered Milk

7. Mirepoix (Two parts onions and one part each carrots and celery.  It’s sorta cheating, but it’s classic French, so I count it as one ingredient.)

8. Crushed Tomatoes

9. Dry Beans

10. Cider Vinegar

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