Repurpose your salsa jar

glass jarBefore throwing out your empty salsa or spaghetti sauce jars, consider this repurposing tip from @1800 Culinary Team Member David Hayes.

My favorite vessels to store food in are glass jars. They are non-reactive, microwaveable, and they can seal themselves! I love to make a big batch of soup on a weekend, fill my salsa jars with it while it’s still hot, and then cap the jars. They almost always seal themselves, and I can neatly store them in my refrigerator once they’ve cooled. The metal lids make that classic “pop” sound when they seal.

I know that this may get frowns from the FDA, but I have kept soups, sauces, and other goods in jars sealed in this manner for over a year without a problem. That said, if you open a jar that was sealed when it was stored and now it isn’t “popped”, follow your nose and look for evidence of spoilage. I am quite daring with some of the things I eat, but it’s not worth getting sick if your soup has headed south.

One Response to Repurpose your salsa jar

  1. Great idea! I have lots of glass jars I’m always trying to figure out what to do with. 😉

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