Seasoning fish: coriander and juniper berries

fish seasoned with coriander, juniper berries, and orangesLooking to make a flavorful fish dinner? Read @1800 Culinary Team Member Kellen Ferkey’s unique choices: coriander and juniper berries.


So I wanted to bring up the subject of a spice that has notes that can be used for many methods of cooking.  Braising and searing are my two major uses for this spice. Coriander is a mainstay in my fish rubs, chili seasonings and Asian noodle dishes.  Coriander is the seed of the same plant that gives us cilantro; it has a light, lemony flavor that combines especially well with ginger.  Use coriander to rub roasts, or use as part of a rub for your next pulled pork venture.  Also as I mentioned, I use the seed as a rub for seared fish like salmon and tuna.  Apply it to anything that will be cooked at high heat for short periods of time.

Juniper Berries

Since I find myself to be a hunter and a fisherman, I like to use a handful of juniper berries on a regular basis.  You will find juniper making resurgence on menus with venison and rabbit, or even find a juniper infused drink on a cocktail menu.  A few juniper berries will reduce the wild flavor of game meats and will add the pleasant tartness long associated with Germanic dishes, such as sauerbraten, stuffed goose and beef stews.  And for some, this next fact could come in handy:  Juniper tea is a centuries-old hangover remedy.

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