Spice up your meals with paprika

PaprikaWould you like to add color and flavor to your dishes?  @1800 Culinary Team Member Kellen Ferkey recommends a dash of paprika.

I like to use a decent amount of smoked paprika.  A slight dusting on eggs can make them disappear as quickly as bacon.  It also goes great in a hummus.  Use some on your next batch of deviled eggs.  Sprinkle some on your popcorn.  And if you find yourself up to the challenge, a true Spanish Paella cannot be made without smoked paprika.

This stuff can be hard to find, but a tiny tin can go a long way.  Legends have it that Hungarians riding horseback full of fury were fueled by paprika-laden dishes.  Try a classic Chicken Paprikash for a family dinner some night and see what happens.

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