Grandmother’s crêpe recipe

german pancakesIn time for Mother’s Day, Chef Wayne shares fond memories of his Grandmother Rosa and her German pancake (crêpe) recipe. 

One of my most memorable childhood breakfasts was prepared by my Grandmother Rosa. Being from Germany, she created some wonderful pies and what she called “German pancakes” (actually crêpes). I remember sitting in her kitchen on Saturday mornings as she worked her magic, working three cast iron pans at a time as I ate sugar-rolled crêpes as fast as she could make them. And my appetite was insatiable, as I would down 20 or so in a sitting. She undoubtedly made a huge batch of batter when I stayed over because she never stopped to make fresh batter.

After breakfast I would walk with my grandfather down Milwaukee’s Mitchell Street hoping to catch up to the fruit trucks and purchase fresh cherries or whatever other selections the cart would have for our snacks. She lived to be 102 and until her death she cleaned houses for the elderly. Her spirit and zest for life was an amazing thing.

Here is her recipe as she told me. (She used handfuls and pinches—I never saw her use a recipe!)

Grandmother’s Crêpes

2 eggs

1 Cup milk

1 Cup Flour

½ tsp. Salt

3 Tbl. Melted Butter

Sift together the salt and flour and make a well in the center to which add the eggs and milk and whisk to combine. Then add in the melted butter. Grandmother used 8-10 cast iron pans and fried the pancakes in sizzling butter with a nice ¼ cup of batter swirled around the pan, cooked to a lovely mottled brown on the bottom. After about a minute, then flip and cook for another 30 seconds until spotty brown on the other side.

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