A Sweet Idea: Substituting Honey

honeyIf you want to add healthy, natural sweetness to your baking or preserves, @1800 Culinary Team Member Kellen Ferkey suggests using honey.

I like to use honey whenever I can.  It has natural elements that are not refined out like white table sugar.  ¾ cup plus 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 cup sugar is the standard measure for cookies and cakes.  Keep in mind, using honey adds moisture to your baking.  This adds softness where sugar crystals would have to be melted down to do the same.

There are plenty of people out there who enjoy canning and I am one of them.  I like taking what’s in the garden and saving it in some way to enjoy at a later date.  Preserves can be seen as a bit of a gamble at first, but if you take a little bit of risk, the rewards can be great.

When making a jam or jelly, it is fairly commonplace to use a significant amount of sugar, not only for its preserving qualities, but to balance out tart flavors.  Using honey in a 1 to 1 ratio is always an option.  The price can be a bit harrowing, but the flavors of the unrefined natural sugars are something that just can’t be refuted.  If you haven’t given canning a try, I urge you to explore the options.

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