Remove Cooking Smells with Stainless Steel

steel soapEver notice your fingers smelling after cutting up an onion or garlic clove? @1800 Staff Member Lori suggests trying stainless steel to remove the odor.

I have after washing my hands with soap and water, rubbed my hands around inside my stainless steel sink to remove onion odor from my hands that I couldn’t get off and it’s worked really well.  Stainless steel also worked to remove fish and garlic odors from my hands much better than using soap and water alone.

After searching online for the reason why it really works, it seems that the odor-causing molecules in foods left on your hands are attracted more to the steel than your skin.  It’s also easy enough to test out for yourself before buying a metal soap bar.  You can try using a stainless steel spoon, pan or faucet to rub your hands on if you don’t have a steel sink to use.

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