Sneak Peaks @1800’s New Entrées

berkshire porkWant a sneak peak at our new entrées?  @1800 Chefs have been working on a deconstructed Paella with Seared Diver Scallops, Octopus – Saffron Rice, House Chorizo and Sweet Peas.  (Look for renditions of this dish in the upcoming weeks in our daily features!) Kellen shares one more entrée that’s in the works…

For nearly 400 years, Berkshire pork has been the best source of flavor in all of the hog breeding profile.  This heritage breed originates in what is now Oxfordshire and is protected in England through trusts.  The populations quickly dwindled in the wake of the English Civil War in the 1600’s, but has been maintained by the Monarchy ever since.  Apparently Cromwell’s troops found them to be exceptionally tasty.  The American Berkshire Association, established in 1875, gives the name only to those pigs that have lineage to their English counterparts.

The Berkshire hog also is bred in Japan under the name of Kagoshima Kurabuta.  Sometimes the name Kurobuta is written in menus, but really just means “Black Pig.”  Berkshire meat is pink-hued and highly marbled, lending itself to searing applications and long-term cooking applications as well.  This versatility makes the meat very sought-after in BBQ competitions and also for searing an amazing pork chop!

We are currently in the works of producing a smoked Berkshire chop with apple gnocchi, squash & sweet potatoes for our next menu!

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