Sentry Receives Best Digital Mailroom Award

Sentry Insurance received the Kofax Transform Award for Best Digital Mailroom Solution on March 11Kofax Digital Mailroom Award, 2014 at Kofax’s annual customer and partner conference in San Diego, California. Joe Pfiffner, director of application development, was there to receive the award.

Kofax’s Transform Awards recognize companies for their innovative and successful implementation of Kofax products that have resulted in significant process improvements, lower operating costs and increased customer response times.

Sentry’s Digital Content Management Team began working on a digital mailroom solution for the claims department in 2010. That project then transitioned to a corporate-wide initiative. Eight months ago, an Enterprise Digital Mailroom was created at Sentry’s Dixon Street office, which included processing of Sentry’s remittance. Since that time, Sentry has seen an increase in operating efficiencies through the use of state-of-the-art scanners, data extraction, and automated routing, along with additional benefits in customer service elements and ease of data access.

“Having the ability to convert paper mail into a digital format provides a more streamlined processing system. We’ve seen improvements Sentry's Digital Mailroom workflows and now have an immediate disaster recovery solution for inbound mail that’s scanned.,” said Jeff Sanner, director of IT – digital interactive.

Congratulations to Sentry’s Digital Content Management Team, Facilities and the Claims and Finance areas who contributed to this success!

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