Sentry announces technology initiative extension

Stevens Point area students will remain on the leading edge of technology thanks to continued funding from the Sentry Insurance Foundation.

Jim Weishan, executive vice president and chief investment officer of Sentry Insurance and president of the Sentry Insurance Foundation, announced a three-year, nearly $4 million extension to the group’s original five-year, $6 million technology initiative provided to Stevens Point area schools at a news conference today.

The technology initiative, which began in 2009, equipped Stevens Point area public and private school students with laptop computers and software, funded technical training and support for teachers and provided classroom tools such as smartboards, projectors and wireless networks. The three-year extension will provide additional financial support for the schools to further upgrade technology resources and continue professional development and training for staff.

“The use of technology in the classroom is really the wave of the future,” said Weishan. “It’s not just learning to use the technology, it’s integrating the technology into the classroom—that is, bringing an experience into the classroom that the student wouldn’t be able to have without access to the technology. The Sentry Insurance Foundation is proud to continue to support a technology-rich education that enhances skills necessary to excel in today’s job market through this extension.”
“The entire community benefits from the growing relationship between the Sentry Insurance Foundation and the district,” said Dr. Attila Weninger, superintendent of the Stevens Point Area Public School District. “This latest initiative will provide our students with opportunities to prepare for college and careers utilizing many different skills. The professional development for our employees, especially our teachers, administrators and educational assistants, will advance our students’ knowledge and skills to work in digital learning and career environments.”

“This technology partnership further cements Sentry’s role in central Wisconsin as a key contributor to the community and the future of our students,” noted Todd Kuckkahn, president of Stevens Point Area Catholic Schools. “The foundation’s gift allows our students and teachers to be on the same page with technology and is further enhanced by the goal of training our teachers to make the best use of technology.”

St. Paul Lutheran School has been truly blessed by the continued generosity of the Sentry Insurance Foundation,” added Bill Zuelsdorff, principal of St. Paul Lutheran School. “The original funding enabled us to improve and increase our technology by leaps and bounds. It provided for resources that we have been able to put in the hands of our students and teachers to keep them in stride with twenty-first century learning, and we look forward to the new resources we will be able to bring into our school through this extension.”

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