Fresh Cranberry Recipes & Crafts

Fresh red cranberries in wooden bowls with spices and pine branchesNow is the season for Wisconsin’s number one fruit crop, cranberries!  @1800 staff member Lori shares her favorite cranberry recipes and crafts. Read more of this post

Cranberry cake and butter sauce recipe

cranberry cake@1800 Culinary Team Member Alicia Thompson shares her grandmother’s recipe for cranberry cake with sweet butter sauce. Read more of this post

Summer salad recipe

Apple cider vinegar in glass bottleIf you’re looking for a fun salad idea to kickoff summer, try @1800 Culinary Team Member David’s family recipe for apple cider vinegar salad (with bacon). Read more of this post

Rhubarb cake recipe

rhubarb cakeDid you know that rhubarb is 95% water, but high in vitamin C? May and June are rhubarb season in Wisconsin, so check out Chef Wayne’s rhubarb cake recipe. Read more of this post

Grandmother’s crêpe recipe

german pancakesIn time for Mother’s Day, Chef Wayne shares fond memories of his Grandmother Rosa and her German pancake (crêpe) recipe.  Read more of this post

Simple corn chowder recipe

Corn ChowderWould you like a warm, filling meal during a cool spring day? Enjoy @1800 Culinary Team Member Alicia Thompson’s easy recipe for a hearty corn chowder. Read more of this post

Chicken Mac and Cheese recipe

chicken mac and cheeseSpring is slow to come to Wisconsin this year, so a warm dinner sounds perfect. Check out @1800 Team Member Alicia Thompson’s simple recipe for chicken mac ‘n’ cheese. Read more of this post

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