American Trucking Associations: Preparing for HOS Changes

Check out this helpful brochure, courtesy of the American Trucking Association.

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CVSA 2013 Roadcheck Checklist for Drivers

Check out this helpful brochure, courtesy of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

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Roadcheck: Buckle Up!

Check out this helpful brochure on safety, courtesy of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

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Dock Safety During Loading/Unloading

Any time trailers, forklifts and cargo come together at the loading dock, the chances of an accident increase considerably. By establishing comprehensive dock safety procedures and training employees on those procedures, you can reduce the likelihood of an accident. The following guidelines can provide a framework as you develop your own operating procedures customized to fit your operations. Read more of this post

Managing Your Background Screening Programs – Free Tips to Get You Started the Right Way

IntelliCorpConducting background checks on potential employees is a major part of the business process. Whether you’re new to employment screening or already have a program in place to run background checks on candidates, it’s important to create and implement a screening process that’s right for your business.
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Negligent Hiring: What Is the Employer Risk?

ImageMost businesses and organizations are familiar with negligent hiring. But are all taking the necessary steps to avoid potential bad hires? What companies don’t know about a job applicant can hurt them.  No employer is invulnerable to litigation resulting from negligent hiring practices. In a struggling economy where theft, violent incidents and thefts are on the rise, employers need to establish effective risk prevention measures. Negligent hiring resulting from one bad hire can land a business in a lawsuit, resulting in potentially detrimental consequences and damage to a company’s reputation. Read more of this post

Cargo Theft Ring Broken

Now is the time to be proactive when defending against the nationwide problem of cargo theft. Here at Sentry we joined in the fight by becoming a member of CargoNet®. As a CargoNet® member, Sentry provides its insurance clients with an added layer of security to help prevent theft of their cargo while in transit or at rest. In addition, Sentry will be able to collaborate with multiple law enforcement agencies through the timely reporting of incidents to the CargoNet® database.

Members of CargoNet® receive exclusive benefits, including access to a 24-hour Command Center, access to a web portal that contains up-to-date cargo theft statistics, and CargoNet® theft deterrent decals for their tractors, trailers, and premises. In addition, membership demonstrates a commitment to the secure transportation of goods. To find out more information on becoming a CargoNet® member click here. Customers insured with Sentry receive a discount on the membership costs.
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